Top bid strategies in Google Ads

Discovery Ads: everything you need to know

 When to use Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads campaigns can be an attractive option if:

You want to reach new potential customers: By posting creations with the brand or the product in the Google feed, you can reach the potential customers who are eager to try a brand or a product.

Reconnect with old customers: Google Discovery Ads campaigns are more likely to get conversions among users who already know your brand. technologyify

Get conversions with your creations by choosing a compatible marketing objective: visits, increased sales, subscribers, etc…. worldbeautytips

Where are these ads posted?

Discovery Ads are responsive and can be displayed on multiple sites:

YouTube home channel and what to watch now module as users search for the videos they like the most.

In Gmail when viewing promotions and social sections. It should be noted that Google has communicated that as of 07/1/2021 this type of ad will be used to run campaigns in Gmail, since Gmail-only campaigns will disappear. technologyford

In Google Discovery, a feature that brings you content based on different sources and where millions of people discover the topics that interest them every day.

How to create a Discovery Ads campaign

Creating a Discovery Ads campaign on Google is easy and will help you achieve your marketing goals. The steps are the following: techiesin

Create a new campaign. Select a marketing objective and campaign type.

Set up your Discovery Ads campaign step by step according to your campaign goals

Configure l. A. Geographical orientation and language of l. A. Campaign.

Select the right audience. Unlike search campaigns, Discovery ads are not targeted by keywords. The targeting options for Discovery ad campaigns are: Custom audiences based on l. A. Intent, Remarketing, and Purchasing Audiences. technologyies

Select los angeles bid strategy and enter the average daily budget.

It is important to note that Google's discovery ad campaigns are based on machine learning and therefore Google's smart bidding, conversion maximization, or target CPA strategies.

Create discovery announcements. With Google's knowledge of customers' search intentions, you can serve users more relevant ads when they are interested and eager to learn more about your products and services.

Advertisers who take advantage of Discovery ads will have the option of displaying a single image of their product or service, or multiple images in a sliding carousel format.


What campaign settings we can't control

Those who are used to monitoring other types of Google campaigns will notice differences in Discovery campaigns. An advertiser cannot use, modify or manage the following settings:

Manual bidding strategies

Post method

Device and location targeting

Frequency limiting

Ad rotation

Contextual targeting

Best practices for Discovery Ads campaigns

Discovery campaigns work better with more data. So, make sure you have enough daily budget to cover your target CPA bid at least 10 times.

Verify that tagging is enabled on it. On account. You must set up conversion tracking.

Follow custom advertising policies.

The headlines are the most important part of the ad along with it. A. Image. Therefore, we must add five titles and 5 descriptions.

Select l. A. Adequate audience. Targeting options for Discovery Ads campaigns can be custom audiences based on intent, remarketing, and purchase intent audiences.

Use good quality, attractive, inspiring and reflective images. A. Value proposition of your brand.

If you are using people in the pictures try not to make these people look artificial and if they use the product they do so realistically.

Download as many images as possible and use portrait and landscape formats for the best performance. There must be at least 5 square and five horizontal images.

Once l. A. Campaign, it leaves you enough room to learn. It is best to let at smallest a week and a half to see performance and two to three weeks to make changes.

After the learning time has elapsed, you can analyze the performance of the assets used in the ad by clicking View asset details to see the results for images, titles, and ads.