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Keys to knowing how to use Tiktok Ads

Without a doubt, Tiktok has become the big name social network of 2020 and "hits" it even greater in 2021. Its exceptionally customizable quick video layout has conquered young and old with rather viralizable content. Now its Tiktok Ads platform is also gaining importance. But do you know the way Tiktok is used to carry out advertising and marketing actions? techqueer

The Chinese social network (yes, it's far of Chinese beginning) turned into capable of see all of the ability that this platform should have on the monetary degree and just a few months ago released Tiktok Ads: the advertising platform for businesses and types.

If you have got a commercial creativity and you've got made it this a ways, in this text I'll walk you thru the simple issues to maintain in mind while getting started out on this platform.


Do you know how Tiktok is used to broaden an marketing approach?

Who uses Tiktok?

Segmentation in Tiktok Ads

Types of concentrated on on Tiktok

What is your purpose?

Brand visibility



What budget do you have got?

General conclusions on using Tiktok as an advertising platform

It may also hobby you:

Do you understand how Tiktok is used to expand an advertising strategy?

Before you start advertising and marketing on Tiktok Ads, you want to realize how Tiktok is being used to carry out your method with regards to numerous fundamental questions:

Is your target audience on Tiktok?

What do you want to achieve with advertising?

What is your budget ?

Who makes use of Tiktok?

According to TikTok, in Spain forty one% of its users are between sixteen and 25 years antique. Worldwide, sixty six% of its customers are underneath 30 years of age.


Many adults do no longer know how to use the software or aren't acquainted with it. Why? Mainly because of the form of content: very creative content material, which mixes filters, track, dances ... Very Generation Z, pass ahead.

So, before you even remember putting in place your Tiktok Ads account, you must ask yourself "Is this my target market?" ".

If your answer is yes, a lot the better! Read on and discover if Tiktok is still an advertising and marketing platform for you.

If you suspect your business enterprise's target audience doesn't suit the Tiktok audience, have you taken into consideration advertising on other channels like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or Google Ads?

In Spain, forty one% of its customers are among sixteen and 25 years old

Segmentation in Tiktok Ads

You must be aware that Tiktok Ads is a totally new platform, and it isn't yet available in all countries and does now not permit as plenty filtering as Facebook advertisements, for instance.

Types of focused on on Tiktok

Gender: male or girl.

Age: 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+ years.

Location (to be had international locations): varies relying at the united states of america of origin from which the advertising account is registered.

If you sign up in Spain, you may advertise on Tiktok within the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

Language: depending on the verbal of the application.

Interests: Learn extra about hobby focused on on the Tiktok aid platform.

Connection type: wifi, 2G, 3G or 4G.

Operating machine and model: Android or iOS

Price of the tool, an thrilling filter out, do not you believe you studied?

Mobile operator.

Here you ought to mainly remember the place, because, as an example, if you need to market it in a Latin American united states of america from Spain, you will no longer be capable of do so at the moment.

What is your aim?

If you have got already concluded that this platform will permit you to hook up with the people who actually be counted to you and you recognize how Tiktok is used to release your first campaigns, the following step is to choose the business objective you need to obtain together with your campaign. .


These are the available goals relying on what you are looking for for your commercial enterprise:

Brand visibility

Reach: Get your ad to reach as many humans as viable. Ideal for startups trying to broaden logo awareness and cognizance.


Traffic: direct the target audience to a URL, like your website, blog post, product web page ...

App download: send your target market to the app shop to download.

Watch movies: Show your movies to the folks who are most probable to see them.


Conversions: encourage your target market to take a selected movement associated with your business, together with shopping for, registering in your website, adding a product to the cart ...